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Posted July 2, 2019.

Definition of stress:

  1. Stress is basically emotional and physical tension.
  2. This is basically your mind and the body response to the events in your life and the way you react to them.

    1. This is basically your body response to challenge or demand.
  3. The stress may be from various factors. Sometimes you may not know the reason for the stress.

  4. Stress affects your health and immune system whenever it gets out of your control.

    1. If you are angry or upset may disturb your sleep. Negative emotions can also make hard for your body to do proper digestion of the food.
    2. But this may not be always bad for you. This may give you the energy to face the challenge and do your best.
  5. Stress cannot be avoided, it is part of human life.
  6. It depends upon your personality e.g some people become angry when they are asked to make a line while other people just relax and do not take it seriously.
  7. The important signs of stress are:
    1. Anxiety.
    2. Depression.
    3. Irritability.
    4. Lake of sleep.
    5. Gastrointestinal system upset.
    6. No desire for sex.
    7. Mood swings.
    8. Memory and concentration problems.
    9. Compulsive behavior.
  8. The best options are to react positively to the stress and the following are some suggestions to overcome the stress:
    1. Always make reasonable goals and try to fulfill them in small steps.
    2. Always try to develop a positive attitude, look for the good instead of the bad aspect.
    3. Take time every day for rest and recreation. Visit your friends, go to a movie, and spend time in a hobby which you enjoy.
    4. Try to develop a sense of humor.
      1. Laughter is the best medicine to relieve the tension and help you to see the situation positively.
    5. Keep yourself busy which will relieve your tension like physical activity (going to the gym), walking, or just cleaning your closet.
    6. Discuss your problems with one of your best friend, relative or counselor.
  9. The best way is to spend times with your best close friend, in case if he is away then at least talk to him on the phone.
    1. Another option is to spend time with your children, and grandkids.

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