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Urine - For ketone, Ketone Bodies (Ketonuria)
Urine - For pus cells, WBC, Eosinophils, Mononuclear cells, Pyuria
Urine - Phosphorus (Phosphates), 24 hours Urine sample
Urine - pH (pH Significance in Urine)
Urine - Protein (Urine protein), Spot test for urine protein, Microalbuminuria
Urine - Screening for Drugs abuse, For Opiates, Cocaine, Marijuana, Amphetamines and other stimulants
Urine - Specific Gravity (Significance)
Urine - urea ( 24 hrs Urine Urea) Urine Urea Nitrogen
Urine - uric acid Quantitative (24 hrs Urine Sample), Uricosuria
Urine - Urine Albumin (24 hrs) or (24 hours protein)
Urine - Urine amylase (Amylasuria), Amylase/Creatinine clearance ratio
Urine - Urine Calcium (Ca), (Quantitative 24 hrs urine calcium)
Urine - Urine potassium (K), Quantitative 24 urine or Random sample
Urine - Urine protein 24 hours sample, Quantitative 24 hours urine proteins
Urine - Urine Sodium (Na), Spot test, or 24 Hours Urine Sample.

There are 390 total tests.