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Examination of Placenta and Umbilical Cord
Factor XIII (fibrin stabilizing factor)
Ferritin (serum Ferritin Level)
Fetal Hemoglobin (HbF, Alkali resistant Hemoglobin, Fetal HbF)
Fibrinogen Degradation products (FDP) or Fibrin split products (FSP), and d-Dimer
Fibrinogen (Factor I), Afibrinogenemia, Dysfibrogenemia
Field Stain A and B, Preparation of the solution
Fluid Analysis - Part 1 - Normal findings, Pleural, Pericardial, and ascites, Difference of Transudate and Exudate
Fluid Analysis - Part 2 - Various fluids Analysis advantages, Transudate and Exudate
Fluid Analysis - Part 3 - Ascitic fluid Etiological Classification
Fluid Analysis - Part 4 - Peritoneal Fluid, Ascitic fluid, Peritoneal tap, abdominal paracentesis, abdominal tap procedure
Fluid Analysis - Part 5 - Amniotic fluid Examination (Amniocentesis)
Fluid Analysis - part 6 - Pleural Fluid aspiration procedure, and Analysis, Thoracentesis
Fluid Analysis - Part 7 - Synovial Fluid Analysis (Normal and Abnormal)
FNAC, Fine needle aspiration Cytology (FNAB, Fine needle aspiration biopsy)

There are 389 total tests.