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Fascinating colors of Clouds

Posted June 16, 2015

The colors of the clouds are fascinating and attract everybody.

These always attracts me and i can not resist to take the photos.

Electronic devices (Smart phones and Tablets) and young kids, is addiction

Posted April 28, 2015

This is really worrisome for me when i see my grand kids all the time playing with smartphone or tablets. 

If you do not stop them, they will keep on playing for hours and hours.

I was surprised when my grandson just one year old knows that when you push the start button on Iphone and windows will open. After doing he will laugh that he knows how to play the iphone.

When you want to stop them from tablets, they will start crying and create fuss.

My other two grandson one is five and other is three years, they will keep on playing on the tablet for hours and hours.

Now my aim to give these three observations is that this will be true as well for any house.  I don’t believe that any house is free of this disease.I am calling it disease because the kids are just sitting in the chairs and there is no healthy activities.

This activity is becoming addiction for the kids.

Now is there any benefit? Yes there are benefits like increase in the language vocabulary, general knowledge and awareness about so many things. But we have to see that is it worth that a baby of 3 or 4 years knows about those things. I think that is not of any use.But we are depriving them from the physical activity which is more important for their health. physical activity will give stimulus to bone growth and muscles.

We know 50 years back this electronic activity was not there but still we were having intelligent scientists and writers. I don’t believe that these smart phones or tablets increases the knowledge, this is only the escape of parents from the kids. Parents are busy and they have no time to give attention to their kids.Parents activities are also the same electronic devices where they will spent time on facebook chatting or playing the candy crush. They forget their most important responsibility.

I will request the parents that they should not allow the kids to develop this addiction.

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)

Posted April 20, 2015

Erythrocyte sedimentation (ESR) is nonspecific test for various diseases.

But I have seen it has value in the diagnosis of various diseases.

If someone complain of vague symptoms,in that case  advise ESR. If ESR is raised, it indicate definitely patient has some underlying diseases that may be infections or cancer.

It is raised in the chronic inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases and malignancies.

ESR is usually slightly higher in old age.

This test may be used to monitor the autoimmune disease like Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

This test may be helpful to support the diagnosis of temporal arteritis, polymyalgia and vasculitis.

I will suggest if you have patient with history of weight loss, body pain and aches or vague symptoms advise ESR.

Health is wealth

Posted April 9, 2015

Health is wealth quote was given when we were kids and still this quote has its value.

I think this is correct that health is wealth and its value may be asked from the patient.

Even when you ask from the richest person of the world if he is sick, he will definitely say that this is true..Value of the health is only known by the patient. 

But this is surprising that when we are healthy, we never care for this wealth e.g if you ask to smoker that smoking will lead to heart diseases and cancers.He will never believe you.

Similarly if you ask from a person who is drinking alcohol. If you ask him that alcohol will cause damage to your health. Everybody knows that alcohol causes damage to liver and leads to heart disease. But these people will never believe you.This is more surprising for me that alcohol is freely available in western world and there is no restriction on it.

I can give so many examples that people are taking those thing knowing that it will cause damage to their wealth of health.

I want to give the message that please try to save wealth of health.

Changing weather in Wisconsin

Posted March 10, 2015

After severe cold weather now there are dramatic changes in the temperature.

Snow is melting and fighting for its existence.Snow is changing into water which will help the agriculture.

Now some snow is left and green grass is trying to show up.After few more days no snow will be seen .There will green grass and colorful trees.

All these show the nature which is really attractive.

Casinos are the place to enjoy or is addiction ?

Posted Nov. 21, 2014

I visited the one of the casino is USA.I was enjoying seeing the different impression of faces of people.

Some were excited when they are winning and drawn faces if losing.

Majority of the people in the casino are older age group.Perhaps this is their one way  to keep busy and enjoy the company of others.  They find hussle and bussle in the casino.

Casino are  full of colors and lighted so people should not feel depression , rather find them in jolly mood.

Casino are decorated and served beverages free to the people gambling.They provide cheep hotels and food.This is their way to encourage people to come to casino.

One of the casino showing bright lights and decoration

Casinos no doubt give enjoyment for the people and social life to older age group.No doubt this is the best place for socialization.

I can not understand that casino never lose the money.That is the reason that so many rich people wants to open casinos.

These casinos never thought what will be the effect to the people.Because so many people lose their bread and butter.whatever they have they will keep on gambling with the hope that they will win from the casino, but that day will never come in their life.

No doubt that this is  billion dollar industry for the destruction of the people.

But the dilemma is that gambling is just like addiction to smoking ,nor marijuana , or any other horrible drugs.

So much can be said about the casino but i just conclude it that casino is addiction

If possible please keep away from this addiction.

Sleep Disturbance Due To Modern Technology

Posted Nov. 13, 2014

Nowadays we have the problem of sleep disturbance and that is due to the modern technology gadgets.

The main reason  for disturbed sleep are children look after, Stressful job and Technology like smart phones, TV etc.

One of the study showed :

  • 32 % of adult between the age of 18 to 34 years has job stress which disturb their sleep.
  • 31 %  blamed their children as cause of sleepless night.
  • 70 % of the participant aged between 35 to 49 years reported watching TV before going to bed.
  • Other cause is surfing the internet on smart phones, ipads and other electronic devices.These play major role in sleep disruption.
  • Two third  of people between the age of 18 to 34 years used their smartphone before going to sleep.

Inadequate sleep effects:

  1. Our judgement.
  2. Concentration.
  3. Mental function. 
  4. Can cause gain in weight.

(This is said by the Dr.Meir Kryger MD, Professor of Medicine at the Yale school of medicine) 

This is also found that chronic sleep disturbance  may lead to :

  1. Hypertension.
  2. Cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Premature death

Remedies :

  1. Bedroom should be nice and only for the sleep.
  2. Turn off the electronics  and even if you get up at night don't turn on the smart phones or ipads.
  3. Stop taking caffeine in the afternoon e.g Tea or coffee.
  4. Avoid alcohol intake before sleep.

(Modified from yahoo health)

 The iGuide to Sleep.