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Sun Set in Swat Pakistan

Posted Dec. 18, 2015

Swat is a beautiful valley in the northern area of Pakistan.

These sun set pictures shows really beautiful shades of golden colors.  

Cholesterol Removed From The List

Posted Dec. 6, 2015

Ultimately cholesterol is removed from the naughty list of nutrients.

The US government has finally accepted that cholesterol is not the nutrient of concern and did U-turn on their warnings for the use of cholesterol lowering drugs.

The drug companies roughly in 40 years made over 1.5 trillion dollars by selling cholesterol lowering drugs.

The Nikki Barr says that cholesterol has been labelled as the naughty nutrient for nearly 40 years, with health officials warning to stay away from the high cholesterol foods to avoid heart disease due to clogging of the blood vessels.

Now US officials have finally given the green signals for the previous warning of eating eggs, butter, fatty diary products, nuts, coconut oil and meat, now classified to be safe and removed from the nutrients of concern list.

Istanbul Turkey

Posted Nov. 20, 2015

Istanbul Turkey is one of the best touristic attraction city. This is lively place. Always there is hustle and bustle.

I am showing few beautiful pictures and you can think it as high lights of Istanbul.

The best place to stay is the old city.You need at least 5 days to explore the Istanbul.

The most important and common places to be seen in one area are:

  1. Blue Mosque
  2. Hagia Sophia
  3. Topkapi palace
  4. Basilica Cistern (do not miss it)
  5. Grand covered bazaar

All above 5 sites are near and in walking distance.

There are two more palaces :

Dolmabache palace Will be guided tour. Guides are provided from the palace administration.

Egyptian bazaar.

Bosporus river cruise.

Sulimania mosque

This palace was used when these kings went for hunting. This was used just for rest.

City view

One of the mosque

Dolmabache Palace

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 And Blood Glucose level Recommendations

Posted Oct. 29, 2015

These are the latest  recommendations for the patients with diabetes Type 2.

  • Fasting blood glucose                            = 70 to 130 mg /dL
  • Before the lunch                                    =  70 to 130 mg /dL
  • Postprandial after two hours of meal      = < 180 mg /dL
  • Before bed time or sleep                        =  90 to 150 mg /dL
  • HbA1c                                                   = < 7%

Above levels give you the guide lines for better control of the diabetes.

Daily exercise also help to maintain the glucose level.

Riaz Bhutta

Clouds and Colors Represent Nature

Posted Sept. 28, 2015

Nature is seen in different forms and some of these are seen in  clouds and flowers. Their colors and patterns are  so fascinating that one can not control without praising the Allah Subhan u Tala.

Here the sun giving golden colors to the clouds.

Houston TX

The sun is fighting with clouds and giving dark golden colors.(Houston TX)

How to live with children

Posted Sept. 3, 2015

This is useful site to read about How to live with children.

Living with children and understanding their demands is the most difficult job for parents.

As parents you have to take extra efforts to make them better human beings.

If you take care when they are growing that will help you in the later on life .Children are like plants if you give too much water or less water both will destroy the plants.

So never be always harsh with them. Give them love , affection and handle them gently.

If you can convince them for the commitment what ever they make with you, they should honor it. That is the most important lesson for raise good children.

Never talk lie in front of them, that will make them immune to lie. They will think that talking a lie is not bad habit.

Always talk truth even you have to pay for that. 

Riaz Bhutta

What are addiction and habit? Can they be rehabilitated?

Posted June 19, 2015

Indeed a very thought-provoking topic. At some point in life every one of us has undergone this curiosity of whether we can alter our habits and addictions.

Let’s begin with a simple definition of Habit. According to an online lexicon, “a habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”. Whereas, “an addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted or fixated to a particular substance or activity”.  While both sound somewhat interlinked, one might be addicted to a particular habit. Henceforth, it can be said that a habit may be a profound inclination towards a harmless activity, or a bad addiction.

Typically, addiction is always used to refer to something negative or harmful like dependency on drugs, for instance.  Addiction to drugs that are considered downright detrimental to the society are Marijuana, heroin, alcohol, tobacco, and etcetera.

Despite the fact that smoking tobacco is a socially acceptable drug in the majority of the countries, is irrefutably a harmful and bad addiction. This is because, it is not only the smoker who is affected, but the people around him, could be family or friends, are passively smoking in the carbon monoxide too, which makes them equally vulnerable to the harmful effects of smoking tobacco.

I am going to reflect on my idea of good addiction that not many think persist too. Some addictions or fixation of habits is also useful for the society. For instance, there are many people among us who are always trying or willing to help others, unconditionally. This is their habit, their nature and they are addicted to helping others.

Let's move onto the latter part of the topic. When an addiction is developed, be it good or a bad one, the question is, can it be altered, and is it difficult to change?  Yes, it is pretty much possible, yet impossible for some.

It is possible for those to change their bad habits, who are highly motivated. These people are self-willing to overcome their bad habits. On the other hand, it is impossible to change a bad habit if a person is not motivated or unwilling.  For instance, a teacher thinks one of his students’ need psychological help to counter his inferiority complex. Consequently, he is sent to the therapist. But, until and unless he himself is willing to change or overcome his flaw, all the help, in the form of counseling and hours of therapy will go in vain.  Thus, we can conclude that only a motivation and an individual’s own willingness can help them change their habits.

With that note, I wish we all find our motivations to attain good habits in our life and overcome the bad ones.  I also pray for everyone to have good addictions.

Riaz Bhutta