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Posted March 2, 2016

Meditation is very popular now a days. People have described it in different ways.

My suggestion is very simple and will describe it as follows.

Select a separate peaceful and quiet place.

Sit quietly , close the eyes and concentrate on yourself.

Put head down facing towards your heart.

Now just say to yourself that you will not do back biting, you will not say bad words for others.

There are so many good things which you can think and convince yourself about during meditation period.

You can think daily two or three good things and meditate yourself about those.

This simple procedure will relieve you of tension and worries.

I will give you the list of the things which disturb your life in the next session.

Riaz Bhutta

Food and Their Effect on Health

Posted Feb. 17, 2016

If you just think about the calories, and contents like fiber, carbohydrates and fat of the various foods, that will help to eat healthy diet.

We will give few examples.

1. Pizza 

Just two slices will have 900 calories, 0 gram fiber.

2.  Chicken 7 ounce piece

This has 500 calories, 30 gram fat, and 240 mg cholesterol.

3. Steak 7 ounces

This has 600 calories, 270 mg cholesterol and 48 grams fat.

4.Fish (Tuna) 7 ounce steak

This has 340 calories, 80 mg cholesterol and 12 grams fat.

5. Beef 3 ounces

This has 270 calories, 14 mg cholesterol and 24 grams fat.

6. Beef burger 5 ounces

This has 300 calories, 130 mg cholesterol, 25 grams fat and o gram fiber.

7. Veggie burger 5 ounces

This has 180 calories, 8 grams fiber, 0 mg cholesterol and 4 grams fat.

8. White Rice 1.5 cup 

This has 300 calories, and 0.5 gram fiber.

9. Brown rice 1.5 cup

This has 300 calories, and 5 grams fiber.

10. Cauliflower 1.5 cup

This has 45 calories and 5 grams fiber.

Food calories Part 2

Posted Feb. 9, 2016

Some other common foods which are used in routine.

Food                                                      Calories         Contents                          
Bagel 1/3 of 6 ounce 160 Fat 1 G
Doughnuts hole 3  210  Fat 9 G
Olives 10 numbers 50 No cholesterol
Grapes full of cup 60 Good source of fiber and phytonutrients        
Dried apricot 10 numbers 80  Good source of fiber
Corn  100 Fiber 4 G, 
Pistachios handful   Fiber 7 G, No cholesterol, good fat
Pizza 2 slices  900  Fiber 0 G
Pasta 5 ounces 525  Fiber 0 G

Food Calories Part 1

Posted Feb. 8, 2016

This is just information to keep in mind while eating to know  the calorie value of some food.


Food                                                     Calories                                Contents
1 cup of 2% Milk  130 5 G fat and no fiber
2 slices seven grain bread           180 2 G fat and 2 G fiber
Lettuce and tomato 10  Fiber 1 G and fat 0 G        
Small sugar free cookies 6 260  Fat 12 G, Fiber 0 G
Blue berries 1/2 cup 35 Fiber 4 G, fat 0 GP
Pea nut butter 2 Tablespoon 190 Fat 16 G, fiber 2 G
Sugar free jam 2 tablespoon 20  Fat 0 G, fiber 0 G
carrot cake 6 ounces 820  Bad fat 48 G, starch 38 G, sugar 52 G  
Banan  100  Fiber 3 G, fat 0 G
Large fries  450   
Mustard one tablespoon 10  Fat 0 G, fiber 0 G
Chocolate cookie 4 ounce  640  Fat 40 G
Frozen yogurt one scoop 140 Fat 0 G
Berry- flavored yogurt 8 ounce  240  Sugar 40 G, Fiber 0 G

I will keep on adding more foods with calories for your guidance.

Soda or soft drinks, Their Effects on teeth

Posted Feb. 4, 2016

There is one study done on 9000 thousands men and women over a period of 4 years. They were taking at least one soda per day.

This group has the likely increased risk of diagnosis of metabolic syndrome by 44%.

Effect of soda on teeth is obvious and soda leads to decay of the teeth. This will affects all ages irrespective of sex. Acid and sugar in the soft drinks soften the teeth enamel which will lead to cavitation formation.

Sugar free drinks has less calories but the damage to the teeth is same.

You can do some remedy like wash or rinse your mouth after drinking the soda.

Fluoride toothpaste prevents the decay of teeth.

Riaz Bhutta 

Diabetes and Food

Posted Feb. 1, 2016

Diabetes control depends mostly on food and exercise.

While food can also decrease the dose of your medicine and also help in controlling the diabetes.

Following is the best option given by so many researches and diabetic experts.

diabetic should eat the food according to following suggestions.

Number 1

it should consists of many vegetables. These may be taken raw or cooked.

Number 2

it should have more of proteins in form of fish, and  all kind of lentils (beans, peas).

Number 3

it should include whole grain, low carbohydrate bread and starchy breads.

Number 4

It can have fats and oils in form of canola, olive oil, and nuts .

Number 5

You can eat sweets in form of fruits or sugar free treats or desserts.

Now you can keep this in your mind while eating and what is the best for you to eat. This is starting from number 1 to number 5.

Dr.Howard M.Shapiro recommended this food priorities in the form of pyramid. His recommendations are more food from number 1 and then go to number 5.

Driverless Car , Automatic driven car

Posted Jan. 25, 2016

This is interesting discovery of the present era that car without driver. In California cars without drivers are  driven over million of miles.

I think in the next 5 to 10 years these cars will be easily available in the USA.

Question is that how it will affect the society. That is more interesting.

1. Old people will be able to move around  otherwise who can not drive.

2. The seating arrangement will be changed that you can turn the chairs and face to each other. So you can play cards, or chess or read the books.

But electronic lovers will be busy with computers or mobile phones.

3. This will affect the oil industry. There will be less consumption of oil (gas). The number of car will decrease e.g. one car can drop me  to the office and then can come back to my house.

Now it can take kids to the school and again after dropping the kids can come back. You don’t need to hold the car for whole day in your office.

4. Like Uber there will be so many companies who can provide the car service. Then you may not even need to buy car. Just become member of that car service.

5. The chances of accidents will decrease.

These cars are going to change the the pattern of life. These cars will affect the Cars and petrochemical industry. 

The entire globe will see the change.

Riaz Bhutta