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Diet not good for Diabetics

Posted July 25, 2016

The following foods really needs to avoid by the diabetics.

If you know about the Banana which has 14 grams of sugar. One day i ate one Banana before breakfast and after some time, checked the blood sugar which was 175 mg/dL.

Then I thought to find out the which foods are not good for diabetic patients.

1. Banana which is worse because of the sugar which is 14 grams, equal to 3.5 teaspoons of sugar.

It has 44 calories with baby banana.

2. Dates if served 0.8 ounce will have 66 calories.

For burning of 66 calories one needs :

    • 17 minutes walk.
    • 8 minutes of jogging.
    • 9 minutes of cycling.
    • 6 minutes of swimming.

3. Apple with roughly 4 ounce size has 53 calories and Sugar is 10.6 grams.

It will need 14 minutes of walking and 6 minutes of jogging.

4. Orange has 45 calories. It has 9 grams of sugar.

To burn 45 calories one needs 12 minutes of walking and 5 minutes of jogging.


Weight Watcher and Dieting

Posted July 5, 2016

Nowadays every body take care about the various food and drinks for to control the body weight.


There are few things which can be easily avoided and by some modification you get better benefits.

  1.  Avoid soft drinks like soda. Because these gives you empty calories.
  2.  Avoid carbonated drinking water.This also gives you lot of calories..
  3.  juices with added sugars should also be avoided. Try to get fresh juices which provides nutrients and antioxidants.
  4.  Vegetable juices provides more fibers and less calories.
  5.  Restaurants smoothies are also not good as compared you prepare yourself at home. 
  6.  Try to use low fat or skimmed milk. This is good source of calcium.
  7.  Avoid energy drinks these are full of calories and not good for health.
  8. For caffeine avoid energy drinks and better take coffee. Black coffee provides antioxidants and is calorie free. But coffee should not be more than 2 to 3 cups a days. Some beleives that coffee in small amount may prevent cancer and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  9. Alcohol use in form of wine have more calories. 5 ounce of wine glass will provide 100 calories


Guinea worm Eradication

Posted June 6, 2016

There is news that Guinea worms are eradicated .

There were 3 millions cases of Guinea worm disease a year in 1980s, the world tally in 2016 stands at just two confirmed cases.

These cases are reported from the Chad and these are considered before they has chance to spread.

Guinea worm is claimed to be eradicated from the world.

This is not life threatening but causes pain when it is tried to remove from the wound. This has nick name of Fiery serpentine.

Guinea worm larva live in fresh water and when people drink this contaminated water, then they will get the disease.

These larvae can grow upto 3 feet in length. After one year these worms create blister on the skin. These blisters are common on the legs or feet. When these are removed there is painful removal. During pain infected person puts his leg into water (lakes or pool). During that period these worms shed thousands of larvae into water.

There is no medication for the treatment of guinea worms.

The treatment only is to pull or cut the worms. In Pakistan particularly in Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab people tie the worm with the stick and slowly pull them out or twist around that stick.

The only treatment is to avoid drinking water from the ponds.

I want to bring into notice of the people who claims that Guinea worm infection is eradicated. They should do the survey of Dera Ghazi Khan  Punjab Pakistan . Because there are reports of this infection in that area.

Dr.Riaz Bhutta



Artificial Intelegence

Posted May 18, 2016

This is interesting to discuss the artificial intelligence.

I will take different uses of the artificial intelligence (AI).

Its use in the mathematics has the changed our life. One of the best use is in the form of calculator. Just few years back were very good in the calculation but now you ask any body he/she will just open his calculator on the smart phone.  we know that there are scientific calculator as well where you can do any kind of  calculation. So we are dependent on the calculator for any kind calculations.

 Then the best use of the AI is the  GPS. Few years back if ask any body about the address of any place, the fellow will open the map and give you written directions. That was really very difficult. If you are lost then you were to call someone at home and he will guide the directions after seeing the map. But now no problem just feed the address to GPS and it will guide you to the destination. Even this will give you the expected time arrival to your destination. Further you can get directions from the google maps. Even you can find out if there is delay on the route and you will be suggested alternate route.

 Social media always keep you connected with the world. If there is any news, it will spread in minutes to the whole globe. You can be in touch through one of the media like face book, tweeter, and whatsapp.

 The best AI is in the form of internet which has expedited the research and communication. Internet has made the world like a global village.  You can talk to your near and dear ones through the Internet which is the cheapest way of communication. I know few years back in USA. oif you want to make call outside the country then you were supposed to book the call and operator will let you know that your turn will be after one week. Moreover the cost was too much as compare today when you can make call free to any corner of the world.

 AI has the best use in the automobile that you get all the information about the fuel or any problem with the working the vehicle. I was driving all of a sudden there was warning that i am getting short of fuel. Then automobile computer  told me about the various gas stations and asked should i take you to the nearest one. I told yes. Then GPS was on i was getting the directions to the nearest gas station. 

 Now so many car makes are going to make car which can drive without drivers. One of the pioneer is Tesla motors. In California such cars have driven over a million miles and less number of accidents as compare to humans. When we will master the driver less car then the picture of the world will be entirely different. Then we may not need so many cars in the  house and even in the community. Then demand for the car will decrease and even no one may need to have the car. They can use the Ober like facility. Maximum one family may need only one car. 

 Now the other side of AI is that is this possible that it may become autonomous and start thinking without our control. That will the be end of humans. Because we can not fight with the AI. Artificial intelligence can survive on solar energy and may not need energy as we human need. 



Spring flowers

Posted May 12, 2016

There are beautiful colors of spring. This reminds us power of Nature.


Nature shows itself in form of these beautiful colors.










Alcohol and Its side Effects

Posted May 4, 2016

Alcohol use make person happier in the beginning but over a long period these peoples are not happy and not satisfied with the life.

The people happiness and drinking habits changes with the passage of time.

With long period of drinking alcohol the problem is that these people have lake  of wellbeing.

In USA there are studies by the two centers and they support this effect.  

Alcohol use leads to poor judgement.

Alcohol leads to gastritis.

In diabetics may lead to hypoglycemia.

During pregnancy may lead to miscarriage. This also cause fetal alcohol syndrome (physical and developmental abnormalities).

In men may decrease libdo and in women leads to menstrual abnormalities.

Alcohol leads to numbness and pains in hands and feets. There will be dementia and memory loss.

There is decrease in the immunity and these people are prone develop pneumonia.

Alcohol use may leads to increased risk of cancers .

Alcohol interact with many drugs.

Alcohol provides empty energy and leads to fat deposition. Alcohol predisposes to atherosclerosis.

Alcoholics are more prone to have heart problems. 

Alcohol leads to fat deposition in the liver.


Psychiatry Lectures

Posted April 25, 2016

Lectures on Psychiatry are added in the section of Lectures.

These lectures are beneficial for medical students and the general public.

These lecture are given by Prof. Wb Sajid . He has teaching experience of more than 30 years.