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Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

Posted Oct. 14, 2012

With careful estimate it is found that Hepatitis B is controlled because of the awareness and Vaccination.But unluckily Hepatitis C is spreading.The Hepatitis C spread is because of the following reasons.

1. Lack of education and awareness.
2. In the villages the quakes are using same syringes for all the patients,Due to this reason Hep.C is common in Shujabad, Muzafargharh and Deraghazi khan.
3. The barbers are using the blades without sterilization.
4. The quake dentist also use the instrument without sterilization.
This issue should be taken seriously because Hep.C is causing burden to the families socially and economically.
Our health management should also seriously take action to control this disease.

Shahab institute of medical technologist (SIMT)

Posted July 15, 2009

Our first batch of lab technician course started on First november 2007.

This trainging course is practical training orientated programme.

Students are allowed to participate in the daily laboratory work.

Shahab Laboratory institute of medical technologist

Posted July 15, 2009

We feel honour to announce that this year we are starting the first bactch of Laboratory technicians , 1.6 years course and Laboratory assistant is one year course.

Our Institute is recognised and affliated with Punjab Medical Faculty.

We will try to give state of the art training with theory and practicals.

The classes will start by First november, 2007.

Laboratory Tests

Posted July 15, 2009

Today I would like to briefly guide you on how to use a Medical Laboratory Service. First of all always use the same laboratory for tests and always discuss your results with the pathologists if you have any questions. Due to the different equipment used at each lab it’s very possible that the results might be a little different which will mostly likely result in a wrong diagnosis.

Below are a few points about the Complete Blood Count (CBC) test:

  1. White blood cells (TLC) and Leukocytes fight infection and their count will be increased. Some of the drugs may decrease the count and also it is decreased in Enteric fever.
  2. Differential white Blood Cells (DLC) will give specific pattern of the white cells and will help to reach the diagnosis.
  3. Red Blood Cells (RBC) carry oxygen from lung to other tissues and CO2 from tissues to lung. Their count reflects the status of Anaemia.
  4. Haematocrit (Hct) measures the RBC mass.
  5. Haemoglobin (Hb) is the main component of of RBC and transport O2 and CO2, this also tells about the Anaemia.
  6. Platelet count is done for clotting and control of bleeding disorders.
  7. Red cell distribution width (RDW) indicates the degree of variability and abnormal cell size..

Hepatitis B and C virus

Posted July 15, 2009

In Pakistan spread of Hepatitis B and C virus are alarming. Our population needs education to stop the spread and epidemic of these viral infections. I recommend a few precautions.

  1. Ask your barber to use new dispoable blade. Avoid the razor which is used for all the customers.
  2. For dental treatments instruct your doctor to use autoclave instruments. Ask him or her to use new needle for local injection.
  3. Always use new disposable syringes for injections.
  4. Add screening of Hepatitis B virus in pregnant mothers to avoid spreading the infection to new born.
  5. In villages we should stop the quakes to use one syringe for number of patients.
  6. We should encourage vaccination of Heptitis B virus.

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Posted July 15, 2009

15 years back we were getting cases of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis(CL) from only Shuja abad road area in Multan Pakistan. Now after this period the cases are coming from walled city as well. It shows that this disease is spreading and involving the thickly populated ares of this city. Multan is present in the south part of Pakistan and is one of the city of Punjab province.

Cutaneous Leishmaniasis has typically un-healing ulcers on mostly exposed part of the body like arm and face.
In one our study we found this disease most common in the students of religious schools(Madrassa).

So these patients are guided to get confirm the diagnosis of this disease for the treatment. Because these ulcers are resistant to antibiotics.

Lab Test Replacements

Posted July 15, 2009

This is just for information of the clinicians that following tests have been replaced by new tests.
1. Prostatic Acid Phosphatase is replaced by PSA.
2. Ionized Calcium has replaced Serum Calcium.
3. Iron is replaced by Ferretin.
4. Lupus cell phenomenon is replaced by ANA.
5. CRP has been replaced by ESR.