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Posted July 6, 2019.

What is good for you and for your good health?

This question is very important because everybody wants to do good in his life and also wants to have a good healthy life. No doubt this is very difficult.

But your health habits which you adopt will affect the quality of your life for years to come. You may not be able to control all aspects of the health, but by practicing wellness, you will be doing what you can to live a long, healthy and happy life.

How you can control your good health:

  1. Having good, healthy and nutritious diet. Avoiding junk foods.
    1. The diet should have:
      1. Nutrient needed for energy.
      2. Food which builds and repair the cells.
      3. Food containing nutrients needed for the formation of RBCs, and other cells.
  2. By doing regular exercise.
    1. Exercise is good for your health, it develops your muscles, bones and gives them tones.
    2. It also helps to make your heart strong.
    3. Exercise also helps to have a good, sound sleep.
    4. Exercise should help in:
      1. Making strong muscles and give endurance.
      2. Some of the exercises like stretching exercises give muscle flexibility.
  3. Regular good sleep and adequate hours of sleep.
    1. Sleep is essential for good health.
    2. During sleep, our body gets rid off waste products collected in the muscle which were produced during the day.
    3. During sleep, the body makes new cells more quickly.
    4. Teens need more sleep as compare to elders because of their growth.
    5. Good sleep means when you get up, you feel alert all day.
    6. If you feel difficulty getting to sleep then take a small snack with milk.
  4. Try to handle the stress and know the ways how to relieve the stress.
    1. Please read my already article on how to handle stress,
    2. Always have a positive attitude to your problems.
    3. Life is not a bed of roses, it is full of problems and it depends on how you handle them.
    4. Spending time with good friends help to relieve stress.
  5. Avoid alcohol, cigarette smoking and use of other drugs of abuse.
    1. Tobacco is very harmful to your health. Smokers are more prone to heart diseases, lung diseases, and cancers.
      1. People using tobacco in their mouth develops oral cavity cancers at the site of tobacco.
    2. Alcohol causes damage to the liver and may lead to cirrhosis and ultimately liver failure.
      1. Alcohol will affect your judgment and body response.
      2. Alcohol is the major cause of accidents in the USA. 
    3. Other drugs like marijuana, opium, heroin, and cocaine damage your health permanently. 
    4. To avoid all these harmful drugs, you have the power not to use them.


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